How will email marketing help your business?

Email Marketing – More business = more profit

There are two primary reasons email marketing will help improve your business. Firstly, we can look at the obvious – an effective marketing campaign will generate more business both directly and indirectly for your business on the simple basis that more transactions = more profit (unless there is a more serious issue within your business preventing this, if that applies go to page – where is my business heading, turning the ship around)
Increase your customer base so you can target the most profitable.

Secondly, (and this can be applied to any successful marketing campaign), by increasing your pool of clients and customers you will be able to evaluate which of these you are able to service best, and which are willing to pay the best fees for your product or service.

So in effect you will be picking out where your most profitable customers are and focusing on them – and in turn you will be able to secure more profit per transaction, provide a better service, build a better customer relationship (more repeat orders), and in addition receive additional referrals.
We call this investing in a positive marketing feedback loop. Email marketing plays a crucial part in this because it is one of, or the most cost effective marketing resource, together with the ability to highly target the email content and recipients.

Getting started with email marketing

Email marketing is completely scalable, whether you are running a small local business with less than 1000 contacts, or a national online business with 100,000 contacts. The first thing we do is look at what type of customers you have, and what type of customers you are looking to add.
We will then create a campaign best suited to your business goals. This may be a simple weekly, fortnightly or monthly campaign – or it may be something more complicated and segmented, and triggered by certain customer events.

How much does email marketing cost

How much the campaign costs depends on the complexity of the campaign and the frequency of the emails. It is hard to give a rough price due to the scale of clients we work for. At the smaller end of the scale where our clients our looking to keep in touch with their customers on a fortnight basis you are looking in the region of £180 per month, for larger clients the monthly fee is harder to calculate until we have discussed your business goals and we have an outline plan – in our drive for openness we would suggest a very approximate £360+ per month.

What can we expect to achieve with email marketing

4S NET have a policy of openness with our clients, if our experience or research tells us something won’t give you a decent return on investment we will tell you – that’s a fact. We work on recommendations, so it is pointless for us to take on a task which will not provide the client with positive results. Email marketing is very effective and with a carefully planned campaign, we are confident you will receive successful results (generate business – increase profit). We will have to discuss your individual case and goals with you to give you a clear recommendation.

Initial review and confirming email marketing costs

Send a quick email to with your business name, what you do, where you are at the moment, and where you would like your business to get to. I will then do a quick assessment and give you a call or email with my suggestions and a rough guide to the costs.